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Make Him Fall in Love the Old Fashioned Way

Make Him Fall in Love the Old Fashioned Way

Date 2013-12-20 23:30:15

Do you read all the dating advice blogs, looking for the best way to make him fall in love? Do you go to the movies and watch how the leading ladies make men fall at their feet? Do you follow all the advice, but he still takes you for granted? Have you ever seen an old couple together and wondered what she knew that you don't? Maybe that woman could tell you the old fashioned way to make him fall in love.


In previous generations, women were taught not to have sex before marriage. Today, that seems out of date and even sexist. However, if you talk to many older women who still believe in that, they will tell you that was the way they won men's hearts. When men had to go through a long courtship, it made their longing grow. As they went through all the formalities, their passion grew and so did the emotional bond between them.


No one's saying that they all got it right in the old days. Women didn't appreciate having to stay at home and not have a life of their own. Women today have far more freedom and that's a good thing. But one thing they knew then that too many girls have forgotten today was that guys fall harder when they have to wait.


He's not going to wait if you don't have something to offer him besides sex. Flirting and playing hard to get is a great way to get a man to chase you, but don't let sex be the only thing you have to offer him. Make him feel like you're a great friend - that you're someone he can talk to and share with. You are an independent, confident woman, but you're also a loving and caring woman. Show him those sides of your personality. That will make him fall in love faster than anything else


Ellenor Roosevelt was not a beautiful or sexy woman, but the love between her and President Franklin D. Roosevelt is legendary. She was a strong woman but also a kind and considerate one. These were the qualities that made her husband and the world love her. If you want to make him fall in love, take a leaf from her book and do it the old fashioned way.


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